music is the answer...
"Navaz" is an ancient Persian word that means "gift from another realm," which is what I believe music is in general. Specifically, the type of music I have been facilitating is clearly inspired. Some might say that the music is channeled from another time and place..sent to us as a gift for healing. Like many musicians, I started exploring music performance and composition innocently at a young age, but quickly realized that when I sat down at the piano, there were times when it was not me performing--I was merely the instrument, not the musician. Over the years, I have done music in a wide variety of genres, including electronic/dance, new age, jazz, pop, and world music. In the recent time period, I have become aware that my job is to create and spread healing music, and I have become increasingly interested in binaural beats and other healing frequencies. Although I still create a wide variety of music, my task now is to create music that helps people relax and heal--soundtracks for yoga, meditation, massage, Reiki, energy work, and life in general. In this evolving website, visitors will have access to all of the Navaz products. Thanks for visiting...and be well!   - William Kelley
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