Hypnotherapy Recordings

For those not able to get in to an in-person hypnotherapy session, William Kelley created a series of self-hypnosis recordings featuring the music of Navaz. This continuously expanding collection of recordings includes:

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“Mindfulness” means expanding our lives by being aware. People who are mindful feel their breath, use all of their senses to fully enjoy everything around them, and consciously create the life experiences they want by focusing on those instead of allowing unwanted things to happen randomly. People who practice mindfulness often describe better sleep, better health, better relationships, and just BETTER! Using Navaz recordings and guided exercises is one way you can practice being more mindful. 

Take a guided journey with William Kelley and Navaz to follow a dragonfly through

the woods, where you will discover a “secret” cabin, enjoy the sound of the rain

and thunder, and immerse yourself in a state of relaxation. This exercise works 

best with headphones but will work without them as well. Please do not listen

while operating a motor vehicle or operating other machinery. 

Experience another guided journey where you look inward—what messages can

you learn by being aware of your physical body? Your mind? Your emotions? What

would the natural world around you offer you for advice? Hear your sacred wisdom!

And be sure to check out our guided journeys on CD and DVD:


Total Wellness refers to the idea that all aspects of our lives—our choices, our actions, our thoughts, our beliefs, our words, and our emotions—impact our overall wellness levels. The Total Wellness model is a holistic way of looking at ourselves so that we can be our best. All of the components interact to either improve or NOT-improve your entire overall picture. The choice is yours! The Total Wellness model includes:


Career and Financial WellnesS

Environmental Wellness

Avoiding addictions

Intellectual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness

Emotional Wellness

Safety Habits 

and Hygiene

Social Wellness and SexualiTY

Physical Wellness

Sleep and rest

Healthy Eating

Fitness and Movement

Movement is one of the best tools we have as humans to keep healthy. Our bodies were built to move, and we are at our best when we are moving them. Specifically, we need cardiovascular movement, movement to build muscular strength and endurance, and movement to improve flexibility. We may also benefit from things that challenge and develop our agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, and speed. Enjoying activities we love while incorporating all of these creates a balanced approach to physical wellness. This synergistic effect not only keeps us as physically well as possible, but helps us to have a clear mind, well-moderated emotions, good sleep, better self-esteem, and much more.  

Since 1995, William Kelley has been offering movement classes in high/low impact aerobics, cardio dance, cardio kickboxing, group strength, yoga, step aerobics, yogaerobics, fitness intervals, water fitness, and PiYo. His in-person classes have been popular because of the encouraging way he guides people to surprise themselves with what they can accomplish. His classes yield real results. In the very near future, he will be offering his classes remotely via a virtual subscription. Watch for more information coming soon. Until then, enjoy some of his workout videos here: 

            Cardio Kickboxing                              Yoga/Relaxation                                 Group Strength

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