Music is the answer

navaz CD’s are available exclusively at the Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center in Rutland, Vermont, and some are available for purchase through Amazon. All CD’s purchased at the Pyramid also include a digital copy as well! Digital downloads of some collections are available through iTunes/iMusic, Amazon, Spotify, and other services. Titles available for purchase below include links. 

the instrumentals

Companion (1999)

This was the first Navaz instrumental CD recorded and released professionally. It was intended to be the “companion” to the Pure and Simple vocal CD but stands alone, including a wide variety of genres, from relaxing New Age, to jazz, to dance. 

Companion II: Spirit Calling (2005)

Spirit Calling was released simultaneously with the vocal CD Destination and the guided relaxation CD Spirit Rising. With some signature Navaz new age instrumentals, there are also some upbeat, hypnotic, electronic mixes as well. 

Home (2008)

This collection was titled Home but was inspired by somewhere quite far from home…symbolizing the feelings you get when you are in new territory. The collection features the single “Temple of Love.”

Shift (2009)

This collection came at a time when everything seemed to be changing. Is it all a mirage, or solid reality? The songs include brand new tracks with a “desert” theme, as well as some reworked versions of older songs previously unreleased. Shift includes one of the most-listened to Navaz tracks of all times, “With Love.”

Timeless (2010)

Timeless is another New Age instrumental collection, this time inspired by the concept of time—from specific hours of the clock to seasons and phases of life—reminding us that time moves for everyone. This was the first Navaz recording to include specific binaural beat frequencies for healing. 

Temple (2010)

Special Editions: 

- Confidence, Self-Esteem, Body image, and weight loss

- Balance, relaxation, Wellness, and healing

- Deep Relaxation/Depression and Anxiety reduction

Temple was inspired by the magic associated with spiritual buildings around the world but especially the temples in Egypt. This was the first collection to be released in four different formats—each featuring a different set of binaural beat programming. 

Gem (2011)

Special Edition: 

Gem featuring Bob Campbell

Gem is a mystical new age collection inspired by gemstones from around the world. Take a journey somewhere far, far away with Navaz! This CD was originally released with Bob Campbell’s wonderful percussion additions and was re-released without them in 2020. 

Rusiná (2011)

Rusiná is a Zapotec word that means “to see.” This collection was inspired by the visit of Pancho, the Ancient Crystal Skull, to the Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center in Rutland, Vermont. Pancho spent the night in the Pyramid’s Himalayan Salt Cave, and this hypnotically rhythmic collection was born the day after.  This collection contains special programming for enhancing eyesight, reducing Parkinson Disease tremors, and healing and regeneration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any condition. 

Origin (2011)

Origin is one of the biggest Navaz collections of all time because it was the original soundtrack used in the Salt Cave at the Pyramid Wellness Center and in many salt caves throughout the country. It was released in two versions—one with ocean waves, and one without. The music is particularly relaxing without clear melody. 

Primal The EP (2011)

As people reacted to Origin, it became clear that they liked one track in particular, “Primal.” After many listeners requested longer versions of this song, Navaz released an EP featuring the original full-length recording of “Primal,” as well as three other previously unreleased tracks. 

Planetarium (2012)

Planetarium is a new age collection with a centralized theme of the universe. What would it be like to travel through time and space? This collection features the single “The Gathering,” which has been used in many workshops and classes throughout the country. 

Native (2013)

Imagine a walk in the woods—connecting to the land. Native is music to accompany your journey. With lush instrumentation and soft percussion, these six gentle tracks—including a remake of Navaz’s “Make Your Dreams Happen”—will be your perfect soundtrack. 

Slumber - Deep Sleep Edition (2014)

After many requests to create a CD to help people fall asleep, Slumber awoke with long flowing sounds layered with binaural beats to invite sleep. The music without the subliminal programming was never released. 

Zodiac (2015)

As both a companion to Planetarium and a return to Navaz’s electronic dance roots, Zodiac was the first collection featuring all contemporary dance instrumentals. This collection has a theme of the zodiac signs and is almost entirely recorded using digital loops and virtual instruments. 

World Party (2016)

Following the release of Zodiac, World Party returned a year later with more electronic dance songs. This time, the recording was a combination of digital loops, virtual instruments, and live acoustic and exotic instruments to create a soundtrack of world dance music. World Party features “Epic” and “Chinatown.”

Finding Atlantis key of D (2017)

Special Edition: Finding Atlantis key of C

Finding Atlantis was a soundtrack created exclusively for sound healing at the Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center and has only been released in part in the Angel collection. It was recorded in the key of D and in the key of C for different healing experiences. 

The Prophecy and 

the Path  (2017)

Special Edition: TPATP Special Edition

Prophecy and the Path was created especially for the Pyramid Sound and Light wellness immersion room at the Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center and features the songs “The Path” and “Peace, Love, and Light.” The special edition contains shortened versions of the songs so that the CD is an hour long. This collection contains special programming for grounding. 

Angel (2017)

Special Edition:  Angel Special Edition

Angel was created especially for the Flight of the Angels 

wellness immersion room at the Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center. 

It has a theme of the five elements—and contains special programming for relaxation and to help people process grief and loss. The special edition contains shortened versions of the songs so that the CD is an hour long. 

Yuán (2018)

Special Edition: Yuán Special Edition

“Yuán” is the Chinese word for “karma,” which was the inspiration

for this collection. Yuán was created especially for the Himalayan 

Salt Garden at the Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center and contains programming for deep relaxation. The special edition contains shortened versions of the songs so that the CD is an hour long. 

Sacred (2018)

This collection was inspired by the sacred interconnections and mystery of life. It contains programming for deep relaxation, and is the soundtrack for the BioMat Treatment Room at the Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center. 

Expand the Love (2018)

Special Editions: 

Expand the love Special Edition

Expand the Love The Singles

Expand the Love is a hypnotic collection inspired by increasing

love in one’s life. It is the soundtrack for the Mandala Room at the 

Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center and includes programming for very

deep relaxation and meditation. 

Life Cycle (2019)

Special Edition: The Singles

The third electronic dance follow-up was designed 

to be the soundtrack for the Pyramid “Life Cycle” 

wellness immersion experience and features the songs “Spin” and “Infinity.” The regular release is DJ mixed, and the special edition contains the songs unmixed for DJ’s who would like to use the tracks in their playlists.

A Better Place - 

Navaz Remixed (2019)

Special Edition: Navaz Remixed The Singles

This collection contains remixes of select songs from Zodiac, World Party, Life Cycle, and Legend of the Seven Kingdoms. The special edition contains the full songs unmixed. 

Legend of the Seven Kingdoms (2019) Before the world as we know it, the earth was a magical place with lands like Atlantis, Lemuria, and Egypt. This epic collection pays tribute to the legend of what once was and is the soundtrack to The Chamber at the Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center. 

Labyrinth (2019)

Softer…quieter…reflective. This collection will take you on a personal journey inward. It is also the soundtrack to the Labyrinth Room at the Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center. The CD package contains a finger labyrinth as well to assist in meditation. 

the vocals

Bronze Lullabies (1997)

This first Navaz release takes the listener on an emotional journey through songs of personal faith, peace, love, and loss while noting the contradictions of life. Bronze Lullabies is a combination of new age, electronic dance, and story telling and features the songs “It’s Worth It” and “Egypt.” 

Being the EP (1998)

Special Edition: Being the EP with special

promotional packaging

About halfway through the recording of 

Pure and Simple, the song “Being” came along and took over—demanding to have its own release. The Being EP CD contains special remixes of “Being” and other Navaz songs. 

Pure and Simple (1999)

Music is the answer! To what? The question of life! And it really is that simple…Let Navaz take you on another emotional journey in this continuation of what started with Bronze Lullabies. This collection features “Being,” “Pray,” “Gently,” and “Good-bye.” 

Naked (2000)

Featuring “Share the Journey” and several more new, live, and remixed tracks, Naked is emotionally raw and personal…a reflective pause along a musical tour.

Destination (2005)

Destination is the next stop as the Navaz story continues, featuring “Defeat,” “Lost and Found,” “Spirit Calling,” “Perspective,” and “Don’t Forget About Me.” It also contains a very rare piano version of “Make Your Dreams Happen” and is heavily produced with an electronic edge. 

Soldiers of Peace (2007)

Soldiers of Peace is Navaz’s last officially released vocal CD and features the songs “Follow Me,” “Mysterious Times,” and “Mother Earth.” It covers the gamut of styles, from new age to dance to tongue-in-cheek country and has a theme of striving for peace, no matter what. 

the Wellness Collection

Spirit Rising: 

Music and words for Relaxation (2005) 

Spirit Rising was Navaz’s first release of guided relaxation and meditation exercises. The soundtrack is very rhythmic and includes 

a body scan and other popular relaxations. 

Quiet Moments:

Music and Words for Relaxation (2006)

For those who enjoy guided meditations and new age instrumental music, Quiet Moments is the perfect match! This CD features many exercises to help you find your inner Zen and several previously unreleased relaxing Navaz instrumentals. 

Fit For Life: Yoga DVD (2006)

Navaz’s first DVD includes two full yoga classes, bonus sun salutations, guided imagery exercises, and a special video of “Follow Me” from Solders of Peace. Of course, it also features an original Navaz soundtrack and is suitable for participants of all levels and abilities. 


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