Services: Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get your information during a reading?

Creating a sacred intuitive connection, I “tune in” to your energy field. Once in this sacred space, I connect with your higher self, your spirit guides and angels, and receive other forms of communication as well. My strongest form of communication is receiving emotions, but I also can see things, hear things, smell things, taste things, and often feel sensations. Sometimes I am given very specific information to pass to you in the form of guidance. Sometimes I connect to specific beings, but usually I am just connected to the universal life force.  

How accurate are your readings?

Intuitive work is an art rather than a science, and since we as humans have free will, many things that we do, say, or think can change the course of what happens in our world and therefore the accuracy of a reading. To me, most of the information I receive comes in terms of probability or likeliness to happen. That said, sometimes I am given very specific information such as names, dates, and places that even surprises me. People I have worked with often come back and report that my prior readings have been accurate and helpful. 

What sort of things can I ask about during a session?

You can ask anything you like, as this is your session. In psychic or card readings, people often ask about career and finances, relationships, and health. They may ask specific things, like “how many children will I have?” or “will my friend survive cancer?” Other people ask more general things, like “what is my purpose in life?” or “will I ever find happiness?” In past life readings, people often ask “did I have a past life with my mother?” or “did anything ever happen to me in a past life that would explain why I do not like to be in small spaces?” In medium readings, people often ask if their loved ones arrived safely on the other side, if they are happy, or if they know how much they were loved. Some folks have specific questions for their loved ones, like “where did you leave the second set of car keys?” or “are you happy with the way I carried out your final wishes?” In short, you can ask anything that will help you find peace and joy in your life.

Will you tell me if something bad is going to happen?

The short answer is that yes, I will find a respectful way to tell any not-so-positive information that comes through to help you empower yourself to avoid it or get through it. My experience is that they will only share not-so-positive information if there is a chance to avoid or change the outcome, or if the client has actually asked to hear the negative. But the longer answer is that I believe that everything that happens to us is ultimately in our greater good—whether it will appear bad in the moment but lead us to a better place later, or if it will be good for our soul’s development. There really is no “bad” so there is nothing to fear in a reading. 

Is doing a reading dangerous or against God?

I am aware that certain religious views suggest that psychic readings are dangerous because the messages come from the devil. Let me say that although I have heard tales of people “waking up” demons from a reading, this does not happen in my sessions. I connect with only positive, white-light entities and ensure that anyone I work with is protected from any evil forces. It’s also interesting for many people to learn that most religions, including Christianity, identify stories of people connecting to something beyond themselves, and in these stories, it does not upset God. In fact, many of the Christian saints that we honor today had psychic experiences. 

What is a reading with you like? 

Sessions are very personalized and will vary greatly from person to person, but most people can expect that I will sit quietly for a moment, usually but not always with my eyes closed, so that I can tune out the human world and connect to the other realm. I will discuss at the start of the session or before what you hope to get from it. I may ask questions so that I am sure that what I am sensing is accurate for you. Although I may have to close my eyes during the session, I will be fully present and with you and will check in to make sure that you are understanding and processing the information.  

How can I best prepare for a session?

If you can, write out a list of topics or questions you would like us to cover in advance. People often forget what they wanted to know because getting a reading can be exciting and in the moment, questions seem to fade away. Some people like to bring special stones, or if they are having a medium reading, something that belonged to their loved one, but that is not necessary. 

Can I record my session?

Yes, you are welcome to record your session or take notes, or have a friend sit in with you. This is your session, so you can do whatever you want to make it most meaningful for you. 

I heard that mediums are all fake. How can I be sure that you are legit? I am aware that there are dishonorable people in this “industry” who prey upon people who are grieving, but I would like to think that most people doing this work have actual gifts and good intentions. I ask people to resist the urge to “test” my “abilities” or mislead me to see if I know something is wrong as that level of pressure can influence the direction of the reading and take away time that could be spent receiving actual messages. My goal is to deliver valid messages that help people find peace. My promise to anyone I work with is that I will do that to the best of my ability. I view this work as sacred and would never do anything intentionally dishonorable. 

What style of Reiki do you offer?

I teach and practice Usui Reiki and have a direct lineage back to Dr. Mikao Usui himself. 

If I have a hypnotherapy session, will I cluck like a chicken when a bell rings? No! What you are thinking of is stage hypnosis. This is very different, as stage hypnosis is entertainment, and a hypnotist is skilled at scanning an audience and picking people who will be compliant to silly requests. Hypnotherapy in contrast is a “medical treatment” and should only be performed by someone with training in the field.  

How experienced are you offering hypnotherapy?

I started offering hypnotherapy in 2005 and hold many certifications. I have worked with people on smoking cessation, weight loss, athletic performance, self-esteem, confidence, and much more. Hypnotherapy in general is a successful tool at helping people achieve lasting behavioral change. I find that it is as effective as other more mainstream techniques. 


“I was afraid to try a reading again because I had one when I was younger and the woman scared me to death by telling me horrible things that she saw happening. Of course, none of those things ever happened, but this reading was very different. Right from the start, I felt that William Kelley was fully present and tuned in to something beyond this world. Everything he said made sense and some of the things have already come true. I left the session feeling positive and so glad he changed my impression of what a reading can be.”

“I go in for a reading with William Kelley at least once a year to get a sense of what is coming next in my life and to best prepare for it. I find him to be very down to earth and accurate and I will keep going as long as he offers sessions. The aura photos are so much fun.”

“Reiki was the most incredible experience. I have never felt so at peace!”

“I lost my mother unexpectedly about five years ago and I was very concerned that I had carried out her last wishes the way she wanted. During the session, William was able to connect with her spirit and confirmed that what I had done was perfect. It was such a relief to know that she agreed. While some people might think he just told me what I wanted to hear, I know that he was actually connecting with my mother because he knew her name, told me how she died, and told me some other key things that only she would know, and he even used phrasings that sounded just like my mother. I left the session with a sense of peace and a knowing that we continue after death.”

“I had tried everything to quit smoking—cold turkey, the patch, the gum. A friend told me she had gone to Dr. Kelley for hypnotherapy and that she stopped smoking after one session, so I thought I would give it a try. I did not have much hope that it would work for me because I am strong-willed, but I was shocked that after the session, I threw away my cigarettes and have not smoked since.”

“I could not believe the specific things he was pulling out of thin air. It was also great to have a psychic act like they care about me instead of just wanting to take my money. I will be back!”

“I could not believe the level of detail included in the astrological chart report. I have never received so much useful information, and it was great to have someone to explain it to me.”

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